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Sunday, 16 October 2011

EXTREMELY hot sauce :(

So today's blog action day, and the topic is food :P

Now this is probably my worst ever food experience :L Over summer when I was in Spain, we were in a chinese restaurant called 'the Wok Buffet', you can eat all you want for just €6!! They cook the food right in front of you, and you pick what sauce you want from like 8 different choices.

Since it was a buffet, me and my friend decided to try everything :D After about an hour, there was just one sauce left: the Thailandesa sauce. So we went up to the counter and asked for it :) The man looked all serious and said "it very hot!"
We just laughed and thought he was messing.. we soon found out that "hot" was a HUGE understatement.

When we got to the table with our food, the man was staring at us, we were a little freaked by that, so we tried a TINY piece of the sauce. My friend spat the piece out in some poor woman’s face and I had a big gulp of water then spat it all over the table because the water got spicy too D: My tongue was burning for days :'( The man even came over to us after with loads of ice-cream, which was nice.. but seriously, couldn't he have warned us more?!?!

And to top it all off, when I got home, I got some ice from the freezer to put on my tongue, and guess what? The ice got stuck to my already dead tongue... Surprisingly, there was no long-term damage done!

We're quite well known in that restaurant now :/

~lisa :) xo

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